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Welcome to the second edition of Geoff Nate’s Blog. Thanks to the encouragement we received, we’ve decided to try it again. So, why not? (Note: All negative comments were trashed.)

As before, we have broken down the blog into three departments. One we call “Bits and Pieces of an Ordinary Life. Another, “Begged and Borrowed”, includes items lifted from outside sources that we feel would be worth passing on. We call the third “Etc. Etc. Etc.” for just what that expression implies.

Each article for this week is located in a drop down menu in the bar above the main photo. Just hover over the category with your mouse and select the entry you wish to read. You may also access the individual articles by selecting “open” at the end of each preview below.


Nothing could be more self-indulgent than writing one’s own biography and my own is certainly not worthy of memoir-style treatment. On the other hand, certain events and experiences stand out that I want to play back and share with my blog family like one would a home movie or video. Putting memory to test and pencil to paper is my way of replaying what I call, ‘Bits and Pieces of an Ordinary Life’. So please indulge me.

Chapter 1: ‘The Fire’…  The Bel Air Fire of 1961. Our young family’s home burns down along with hundreds of others. We lose everything.   [Open]

Chapter 2: ‘Malibu… From Out of the Ashes’…  We rebound and discover a new life on the beach in Malibu with the rich and famous.  [Open]


Preview:   The case against legalization of marijuana by the nation’s foremost authority on teenage addiction… What if it was your kid?     [Open]

Every day we come across something in the media, on the internet or in other peoples’ blogs that we find interesting or important enough to share with others. It’s sorta like sharing an article one has read in a newspaper or magazine without the postage.


Cover Subject: The Bel Air Fire November 1961


Geoff’s beautiful Blog partner, Jennifer Joy


Preview:   An African YouTube love affair between man and beast… Beyond belief.     [Open]

Etc. Etc. Etc. could be just about anything else we would enjoy sharing with our Blog family.


Readers are invited to comment on any article featured in Geoff’s Blog. A box at the conclusion of each page is provided to encourage reader responses. Negative comments will, of course, be ignored.


Access to all previous blog articles can be found under the archive heading above or by clicking here:  Archives

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3 thoughts on “Featured in this Blog:

  1. marc

    Love Geoff blog….councin Marc, afraid to say anything negative or he won’t go fishing with me.

  2. Sharon Barovsky

    I’m really impressed. I can’t even navigate Facebook.

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