Marijuana: The Other Side of the Story


Phoenix Houses of California board members Timothy Noonan and Geoffrey Nathanson present the 2011 Public Service Award to Mitchell S. Rosenthal, M.D.

What with national polls, some of the states (and even some of my friends) leaning toward legalization of marijuana, it’s important to hear from an expert on the subject and the damage the drug can do to the teenage psyche.

The recent Wall Street Journal article by Dr. Mitch Rosenthal, founder of Phoenix House, is an important argument in favor of maintaining limits on the availability of marijuana because of the damage the drug can do to the adolescent brain. It’s a must-read if we truly care about our kids.

Twenty-five years ago Dr. Rosenthal asked me to join the Phoenix House Board. Today Phoenix is the largest drug and alcohol treatment organization in the world. No one in America knows more about the dangers of teenage substance abuse than Mitch Rosenthal.




Please click here to read the article:

Marijuana The Other Side of the Story

Wall Street Journal Article January 16, 2013

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